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To discuss bulk pricing options starting at a minimum of 5 pounds, please contact Sam Erwin at 317-762-2857 or email us at TurningPointCoffeeCo@gmail.com.



To pay, click on the link below or mail a check to:

Turning Point Coffee Company

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“Being sent to Turning Point is one of the biggest decisions I am entirely grateful for. Earlier in the year I didn't believe I was going to graduate. But here I am, graduating a few days earlier than expected. The convenience of taking classes outside of the daily three hours at school was extremely helpful and pushed me toward my goal. Not to mention how convenient it was that I could work a full-time job and yet still manage to graduate. During Family Time, I was educated on a variety of topics that I shared with my friends and family. I have implemented those lessons in my own life. Without this school, I most certainly would not be in the position that I am in now.”

Aryanna, Class of 2019

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