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Our Mission

We know that coffee matters to you and we understand our customers' desire for fresh, quality coffee that fuels their day. We also know that you want your hard-earned dollars to make the world a better place. Rest assured, every dollar you spend on Turning Point coffee is used to impact students' lives in positive, life-changing ways. At Turning Point Coffee Company, we combine our passion for delicious coffee with our drive to keep hope alive by partnering with Turning Point Educational Center in Ligonier, Indiana. troubles...behind in school...unexpected pregnancy...sickness...disciplinary issues... Students attend Turning Point Educational Center for a variety of reasons, but they all share the same need. They all need a second chance to keep hope alive in their hearts and minds. Turning Point aims to be a stepping stone on these students' paths toward life-changing hope. 

Proceeds from our coffee sales go directly back to Turning Point Educational Center. Turning Point Educational Center provides mentoring, support, education, and related services for at-risk high school students. More than just an alternative school, Turning Point works to keep hope alive for its students. 

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In Their Own Words...

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Janet came to Turning Point as a new mom who wanted an opportunity to finish high school while still allowing her time to spend with her daughter. “I like that we are encouraged in ways here that we didn’t always have in high school,” she explains. “I am able to finish my coursework and graduate sooner than I would have.” After graduating, Janet plans to attend college to study physical therapy.


 Amber attended Turning Point for three years. After graduating, she said, "I can honestly say it was one of my smartest decisions to come here. About three years ago I was almost failing every class and I thought for sure I would drop out. Now I am making great grades and caught up on all my work! The two people that pushed me and made me care about school work are my two teachers. They have taught me to help others by taking me on service projects. At family time we would all talk about different things about life and they always gave me helpful advice and how to handle things in a better way than I usually would. This school has helped me change my life around and many other students as well.” 


 Robbie shared his story: “Before I began at Turning Point, I was academically behind almost a year. I was on the verge of not being able to graduate on time. Turning Point gave me a second opportunity to try and fix the wrongs that I made while at the high school. Turning Point and the teachers made me feel more accepted as a student and gave me the hope to keep pushing through school. Family Time and God Talk both help with the stress and pressure of school. It helps to take the time and talk about some of the problems that teenagers are facing in life. Without Turning Point, I can’t say with confidence that I would have finished high school. Coming from almost a year behind academically to graduating early, Turning Point gives hope. Like our school motto, ‘Hope is Alive.’” 

Why Roast Coffee?

The teenage years often present a variety of challenges, some of which require professional help. In early 2018, Turning Point Educational Center began offering professional counseling to its students. Students responded overwhelmingly in positive ways. One student commented, 

"Growing up, school was always my least favorite thing, but when I started at Turning Point, I actually enjoyed coming. I enjoy the people as well as the atmosphere because it’s laid back and calm. Everything about this place has helped me in one way or another. The Crosswinds counselor was a pleasant surprise, since I’ve had bad experiences with other counselors. I was reluctant to go to him at first, but quickly realized he was trying to help me make my life better.”

While Turning Point offers counseling to students completely free, it must pay for the services out of its own funds. Being a small non-profit, Turning Point quickly realized that it needed a sustainable way to help fund the counseling program. Thus, the idea for Turning Point Coffee Company was born.

Turning Point staff and volunteers partner with  students in roasting, bagging, and labeling the coffee. Not only do students learn valuable work skills and the knowledge of running a business, but they are also surrounded by quality adults who want to invest in their lives.  

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We use a 3kg Gas Coffee Roaster from Mill City Roasters.


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