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Roasting coffee to impact students' lives

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Our coffee is on a mission.

Welcome to Turning Point Coffee Company! Every batch directly supports Turning Point Educational Center, which provides mentoring, support, education, and related services for at-risk high school students. We roast our beans weekly to provide the freshest, highest quality possible. Check out our roasts today and see how you can make a difference in Keeping Hope Alive


Make a Meaningful Purchase

We know that coffee matters to you. We understand the desire for fresh, quality coffee that fuels you for the day. We also know that you want your hard-earned dollars to make the world a better place. Rest assured, every dollar you spend on Turning Point coffee is used to impact students' lives in positive, life-changing ways. At Turning Point Coffee Company, we combine our passion for delicious coffee with our drive to Keep Hope Alive.

Who receives the profits?

All proceeds from Turning Point Coffee Company - that's right, ALL proceeds - go directly back to Turning Point Educational Center in Ligonier, Indiana. Turning Point provides mentoring, support, education, and related services for at-risk high school students. More than just an alternative school, Turning Point Keeps Hope Alive for its students. 

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Did You Know?

  • 1 out of every 9 high school students in the Ligonier, Indiana community will attend Turning Point every school year.

  • Poor academic performance is often the result of difficult circumstances outside the school.

  • 10% of Turning Point students are teen parents.

  • Life Coaches consistently invest in students to encourage them toward positive choices.

  • Second-to-None: Turning Point's focus on the whole person, not just academics.

Changing Hearts troubles...behind in school...unexpected pregnancy...sickness...disciplinary issues... Students attend Turning Point Educational Center for a variety of reasons, but they all share the same need. They all need a second chance to keep hope alive in their hearts and minds. Turning Point aims to be a stepping stone on these students' paths toward life-changing hope. 

Buy Coffee

Your Input Matters

What if you can literally save someone's life by how you choose to buy coffee? This is a reality at Turning Point Coffee Company. We have witnessed firsthand the immense benefits of counseling and mentoring for our students, even saving multiple students' lives from suicide and self-harm. That's why all proceeds from the Coffee Company go directly back to the school, allowing more students access to quality, professional counseling. It's a matter of life and death. We take seriously our mission to impact students' lives. We invite you to join us in our mission. Together we can Keep Hope Alive

Will you join us in Keeping Hope Alive?


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